About us

The Asia Media Centre has been set up by the Asia New Zealand Foundation to help improve the breadth and depth of coverage of Asia issues in the New Zealand media. Our aims are to:

  • Help New Zealand media to access expertise on Asia and Asian peoples more easily
  • Highlight stories and angles on the Asia-New Zealand relationship that might otherwise get missed
  • Provide contextual information such as fact sheets on emerging issues in Asia
  • Help journalists access a broader range of voices for their media coverage of Asia issues

The Asia Media Centre builds on the Foundation’s strong track record of working with New Zealand journalists through its established media programme, which has supported more than 350 New Zealand journalists to travel to Asia since 1994.

While part of the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the Asia Media Centre has its own aims and key performance indicators. It actively seeks to inform public debate on major issues by making readily available Asia experts, insights, resources and specifically commissioned articles and reports.

Founded in 1994, the Asia New Zealand Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that runs a range of programmes designed to equip New Zealanders to thrive in Asia.

About the Foundation


The Asia New Zealand Foundation provides grants, fellowships and internships to help New Zealand journalists undertake assignments and work-placements throughout Asia.

From time to time, we also bring journalists from Asia to New Zealand for work placements and speaking engagements.

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